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The World highest ATM, whose name is also listed in the Guinness World Record. This world highest ATM is located near the border of Pakistan and China at Khunjerab Pass. This place is also called the last corner of Pakistan which is located in Gilgit Baltistan province.

In today’s era, everyone transacts money through banks. Every person must use an ATM machine to withdraw money from the bank. There are hundreds of these ATM machines in every city. It is estimated that there is an ATM within every kilometer in a major city. There will be hardly a few people who are not familiar with this machine. Generally, people use this Automatic Telling Machine (ATM) to fulfill their needs and withdraw money. But in this blog, we will tell you about one such ATM machine in the world, from which one has to travel to a height of 4693 meters to withdraw money. Yes, people withdraw money from this ATM machine and surely upload the picture on social media.

World Highest ATM | TTC
People may or may not withdraw cast from this ATM, but definitely take the pictures. (Credit: Ayesha Imtiaz)

To withdraw money from this particular ATM, you first need to accept the cold weather. Because this area is covered with snow almost the whole year. The average temperature here goes down to -5 during the winter season. It is also known as the region of snow leopards and polar bears. Also, what makes this ATM special is the presence of Markhors – National animal of Pakistan. Yes, Markhor is seen roaming around in this area. To reach this ATM you have to go through some of the most difficult and beautiful roads in the world.

This ATM was installed by National Bank of Pakistan – NBP in 2016. There is no electricity in the area where this ATM is located. Hence it is run on solar and wind energy. According to a report, people withdraw more than five million Pakistani rupees from this ATM every fortnight (15 days). But in severe winters, the roads to and from here are closed due to snowfall. Then this ATM is also closed. It also takes a lot of time for the bank staff to reach this ATM. The nearest bank from this ATM is also located at a distance of 87 km.

Account has been Frozen

When a South African couple wandered into this ATM, their reactions were eye-opening. According to him, his life was almost over due to lack of the cash. But seeing this ATM, there was no end to their joy and surprise. When the wife entered the ATM to withdraw money, her husband jokingly called out that your account doesn’t freeze due to the cold. Hearing this, the people standing behind also laughed.

Talk by Sost Bank Branch Manager

This ATM was installed by National Bank of Pakistan in 2016. According to the bank, it took more than four months to install it. The nearest bank is 87 km away at Sost. The bank branch located in Sost manages this ATM. The manager of this bank located in Sost says that the staff has to face a difficult path and extreme cold to reach this highest ATM. He said that since the weather there is very cold and there are often strong winds, special attention is paid to this ATM, so that it does not face any problem and customers do not face any kind of hardship. 

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He said that in the previous year i.e. 2022, due to the intensity of the wind, there was a problem in it. When we sent the team, it took more than three hours for the team to reach there. The manager said that when it snows, the government stops the arrival of tourists in this area, considering the severity of the cold. During this period there are no staff in the ATM. But when the flow of tourists and money starts again, bank staff including guards are there round the clock to ensure that there is no mishap. Because many of the credit cards of tourists get stuck in this ATM. In this case, staff helps them.

World Highest ATM | TTC
This ATM is run on solar and wind energy. Crowd of Tourists can also be seen. (Credit: Ayesha Imtiaz)

The bank manager said that indeed it is a bit difficult to manage this ATM. But it is the center of interest for tourists. It would add four moons to the beauty of Pakistan. Indeed, it is an excellent tourist destination.

This Information is Taken from BBC.

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