52 Years Old Woman Swallowed an Apple AirPods | TTC

This strange incident happened in the United States of America when a woman swallowed one of her husband’s Apple AirPods.

Tana Barker, told her TikTok community that she swallow his husband’s AirPod considering it vitamin tablet. According to the details, when she returned from her morning walk, she felt weak, so she wanted to take vitamin tablets to remove this weakness, so she quickly replaced the vitamin tablets with her husband’s AirPod with water.

But when se saw that the vitamin tabs were lying somewhere else, when he thought about it, he found that he had swallowed the AirPod. Talking to all TikTok fans, he said that at first I thought I had swallowed something wrong, so I drank more water, but as soon as I realized I had swallowed the AirPod, I immediately went to my doctor.

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