Wild Animals Fear Humans More than Lions | TTC

Some time ago, a study conducted in South Africa revealed that wild animals are more afraid of humans than lions. In this study, wild animals were exposed to lion and human voices, after which it was found that wild animals are more afraid of human voices than bloodthirsty animals like lions.

This research was carried out in the Kruger National Park. The scientists involved in this research recorded the daily sounds of humans from the surrounding areas and also recorded the sounds of lions and tigers. After the preparation was completed, when these sounds were played over loudspeakers in the forest, it was observed that the wild animals who heard these sounds were more afraid of the human voice than the lion’s voice.

During the research, it was also noted that when the lion’s voice was played over a loudspeaker, many wild animals, mostly elephants, prepared themselves to attack and fight. But when the human voice was played on the loudspeaker, both small and bug animals were seen saving their lives and getting scared.

After this study, Doctor Liana who was involved in this research said that the purpose of the research was to explore the fear in the minds of animals. She said that every year thousands of animals lose their lives just because of fear.

She added that our such activities are also reducing poaching in the forest. Apart from this, she said that we are also tracking the illegall poachers of wild animals to prevent illegal poaching.

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