Why the Flag of Pakistan is Higher than the Indian Tricolor | TTC

The Cricket World Cup 2023 is going on and all the participating countries are supporting their respective teams with full enthusiasm. Similarly, the craze of cricket in India is at its peak today.

Who has not heard the name Lulu Mall? If you don’t know about this mall, then let us tell you that Lulu Mall is a famous brand of malls. Most of its malls are in the Gulf countries, but some of its malls are also in India.

Lulu Mall in Kerala, whose owner Muhammad Yusuf Ali is said, to have seen the crowd of fans due to the World Cup, has hung the flags of all the countries, whose teams are participating in the World Cup in his mall. The controversy arose as to why the flag of India was kept small and the flag of Pakistan was kept big and high among these flags.

Why the Flag of Pakistan is Higher than the Indian Tricolor | TTC
Pakistani Flag in Lulu Mall of Kerala, India

Indian journalist posted the picture of Lulu Mall on his Twitter account and wrote that, the picture is from Kerala, showing the Pakistani flag superior to our Indian tricolor. He also demanded the higher authorities to take notice against him.

Similarly, many other tweets have come to light in which Indian fans are angry as to why Lulu Mall put the Pakistani flag big and the tricolor small and down. Another person posted this picture in Twitter and said that this is not a city of Pakistan, but it is Kerala in India where the neighboring country’s flag is raised while own tricolor is lowered. He added that according to Indian law, it is desecration of our flag, so the higher authorities should take strict action against it.

Many users also tagged Lulu Mall owner Muhammad Yusuf and criticized him too, that we think he loves Pakistan more than India. But the truth came out when it was clearly stated by Lulu Mall Kerala that all the flags were hung equally. According to their spokesman, the picture taken from one floor is completely different from the other floor. These flags are placed in such a way that if you look at the flags from one floor, the flag of one of the countries is bigger from the other flags. The angles of the flag will be different and it will look small and big. It depends on you from which angle you look at these flags and how you picture them.

Now it has been confirmed by many users that this is indeed a fake news spread, all the flags are placed equally but their angles are kept different.

Muhammad Yusuf, the owner of Lulu Mall Kerala, has said that there is no such thing as showing the Pakistan flag up or Indian tricolor down. This is only a deception of the eyes. Indeed, I am a Muslim, but my homeland is India and I love my country more than all other countries.

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