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According to a study by the House of Common Research, the rate of unemployment of Pakistani people is the highest in the UK. As the Pakistanis are the second largest community in the UK but these people are more unemployed than other communities.

The arrival of the people Pakistan in Britain after World War-2 when Britain was in dire need of labor to rebuilt the Britain. So, in this category, thousand of people came to the UK in the search of livelihood. After that, they also called their families to Britain. They greatly contribute the UK at that time. The Government of Britain acknowledges the services of Pakistani community.


Why the Pakistanis are Unemployed

According to the report, a Pakistani in the UK says that the main reason of our unemployment is that,

We Pakistanis do not support each other in any field of life. Instead of this we only pull one another legs to neglect others.

Compared to Pakistan, Indians and Bangalis are more prosperous and well settled in Britain.

Illford, where most of the Pakistanis live, it is also known as Mini Pakistan of the UK, the people there are mostly unskilled and uneducated (This statement is based on our research). People their said that the main reason of our unemployed is the lack of education and skills. Firstly, people come here without education and skills and secondly, those who come to the study here, actually do not study and prefer to work at the time of study. After which they have no education and skills. That’s why, we are unemployed.

Reports revealed that one of the main reasons for the unemployment of Pakistanis is the problem of speaking English language.

A gentleman who is well settled businessman in the Leads (England) says that Pakistanis are too afraid to move forward or come in the stream. Here, they prefer cleaning dishes instead of doing the legal job. Just because they become punctual.

He gave an example that if someone here is told that he will be included in the British Army, his family will not accept it. But at the same time, if he is offered that you become a manager in any middle class hotel, he along with his family will happily agree by rejecting the army’s post. That is why, we Pakistanis are not sit on the senior posts in the UK.


Why are Pakistanis the Most Unemployed in the UK
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