Turkey may grant Visa-Free Entry to this Asian Country | TTC

The Turkish ambassador Muhammet Hekimoğlu in Oman has said that both Turkey and Oman are looking to ease visa requirements. Both countries want their people to travel without visa. The ambassador added that Turkey and Oman have been improving their relations for a long time. During this time, both countries have also organized many meetings and negotiation tables to increase the friendship between them.

Both countries want their people to travel visa free, so that tourism between them can continue. Relation between Turkey and Oman have been going on since the 16th century AD. Even before this, the relations between them have been excellent. But now efforts are underway to improve these relations further. In order to continue this friendship, Yunus Emer Institute for Teaching Turkish Language has been established in Muscat, Oman.

In the last year, in 2022, about 150,000 Omanis have visited Turkey and returned to their country Oman without any negative activity. That is why, Turkey wants to grant visa-free entry to Oman. If Turkey grants visa-free entry to Oman, it will stabilize the commercial, industrial, defense, and cultural sectors of both Turkey and Oman. Moreover, tourism will be boosted in the both countries.

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