Now TikTok Users will be Able to Upload Upto 60 Minutes of Videos on their TikTok | TTC

In the coming time, TikTok will give its users the ability to upload videos of up to 60 minutes on TikTok. According to a TechCrunch report dated May 16, 2024, TikTok has successfully tested uploading videos of up to 60 minutes on its platform.

Now TikTok Users will be Able to Upload Upto 60 Minutes of Videos on their TikTok | TTC
User using the TikTok.

It is being told that TikTok will soon give its users the ability to upload 60-minute videos. Earlier, only 10-minute videos were uploaded on Tik Tok.

When Tik Tok was launched, only 15 seconds of video could be uploaded on it. But for the past few years, the duration of Tik Tok videos is continuously increasing. Experts say that Tik Tok may even beat YouTube in the videos market in the near future.

Why is the Duration of Videos on Tik Tok Continuously being Extended?

Now TikTok Users will be Able to Upload Upto 60 Minutes of Videos on their TikTok | TTC
TikTok present Video Duration Guide.

In September 2016, Tik Tok was launched in the world of social media. Back then, Tik Tok only supported videos of 15 seconds duration. But with the passage of time, Tik Tok continuously increases its video duration. From last year, the maximum duration of the video on Tik Tok became up to 10 minutes. According to TikTok’s focal person, this duration will increase to 60 minutes by the end of 2024.

The release issued by TalkTalk says that initially this period will be extended only in a few countries like USA etc. but after some time this period will be implemented worldwide. According to a Tik Tok representative, another feature that will soon be introduced in Tik Tok is that, like YouTube, Tik Tok will now have video thumbnails. That is, Tik Tok is no longer just a platform for short videos, but all kinds of videos will be seen here.

Tik Tok and YouTube Face to Face – TikTok vs YouTube

Now TikTok Users will be Able to Upload Upto 60 Minutes of Videos on their TikTok | TTC
TikTok vs YouTube Poster.

As you all know that YouTube is the largest video network in the world so far. Videos of unlimited duration can be uploaded to YouTube. Previously, only long videos were uploaded on YouTube, but after Tik Tok and other short video platforms, YouTube also launched shorts.

Social media experts say that Tik Tok can beat YouTube in the near future. Because day by day all the same features are being brought in Tik Tok which are in YouTube. The platform, which started with 15-second videos, has now grown to show videos of up to an hour. The time is not far when YouTube’s biggest competitor will be Tik Tik.

TikTok Monetization

Earlier, users earned money from YouTube only by uploading videos. But some time ago, Tik Tok also started monetizing accounts. Monetization of TikTok has not yet started worldwide, but it has come to many countries. In the countries where Tik Tok monetization has not yet come, it will come soon.

Now TikTok Users will be Able to Upload Upto 60 Minutes of Videos on their TikTok | TTC
Now, you can earn money by TikTok.

Some time ago when Tik Tok launched the Live feature, TikTok got a lot of popularity due to to this feature. Content creators from all over the world, who were busy only on YouTube, started coming to TikTok Live as well.

One thing that is making TikTok viral day by day is its good earnings. People can’t earn as much from YouTube as they are earning by uploading videos and going live on TikTok.

You can estimate the popularity of TikTok among users from the fact that even in countries where Tik Tok monetization has not reached, people are monetizing their accounts in different ways and are earning money even by going live.

YouTube’s reputation is not affected so quickly, but with the speed with which Tik Tok is moving forward, it seems that within a few years it will be as popular as YouTube.

Reason for Tik Tok to Increase the Duration of Videos

According to sources, the main reason why TikTok is increasing the duration of videos day by day is, that creators upload large videos by dividing them into parts. Finding another part after viewing one part creates problems for the user. This is why TikTok is now increasing the duration of videos.

According to a report, dramas and movies have been divided into parts and uploaded on TikTok. Due to which people are watching these dramas and movies in parts on TikTok. It has also come to light that people from premium platforms like Netflix are uploading movies and dramas in parts on TikTok. People who can’t pay to watch these dramas watch these dramas in parts with the help of TikTok.

TikTok is increasing its video duration keeping in mind the above reasons. That is, now we will be able to watch complete movies or dramas within a single video on TikTok like YouTube.

When will Users be Able to Watch the 60-minute Video?

Let us tell you that the testing of uploading only 60 minutes videos has been done which has proved successful. According to TikTok, if this feature gets positive response, then this feature will be included in TikTok update very soon. There are strong possibilities that this feature will be launched in some countries of the world by the end of 2024.

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