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Due to the increasing air pollution on the earth, Japan is going to send the world’s first wooden satellite made of wood, named LignoSat, into space.

Japanese scientists have decided to send the world’s first wooden satellite into space, doing a unique feat. It will be the world’s first satellite to be made of magnolia wood. This satellite has also been passed by the International Space Station (ISS), and after testing it has been proved that this satellite is not going to crack or break in the space. According to the plan, this satellite will be sent into the space this summer.

Why Wooden Satellites?

A wooden satellite called LignoSat has been manufactured at Kyoto University in Japan and the idea of ​​making the satellite out of wood has been proposed by a company called Sumitomo Forestry. All satellites currently in orbit are made of metal. When these satellites of metal orbit in space and come back or re-enters into the earth’s atmosphere, they burn and emit tiny particles of aluminum.

Takao Doi, an astronaut who belongs to Japan, has proved through his research that these satellites made of metal are the most dangerous for our earth when they release hazardous particles.

After this report, a project was developed at Kyoto University to tackle this problem, which began the process of making satellites out of wood to protect the Earth from destruction.

When this world’s first wooden satellite was ready, it was checked in every way and then sent to the International Space Station (ISS). The International Space Station kept the wooden satellite in orbit for more than a year and then brought it back to Earth. According to the International Space Station, this satellite has landed perfectly in space. 

According to the International Space Station, the wood of this satellite suffered a little damage due to lack of oxygen, but it has been shown that this satellite made of wood is much better than the satellite made of metal and in the flight of the earth. It can also decrease the air pollution of the earth.  

According to Koji Morata – Project Head of LignoSat

Koji Morata who is the head of this whole project. He said while talking that we were sure that wood can also live in space. Of course, the lack of oxygen can damage it, but still wood causes non pollution than metal.

According to Morata, they used a lot of different woods to make this satellite. But Magnolia wood proved to be the best for living in space after which satellites were made from it.

Koji Murata also said that the date for sending the world’s fist wooden satellite to space has not been finalized yet, but it is hoped that the satellite will be sent into space this coming summer.

When the Metallic satellite re-enters the earth’s atmosphere, it burns and produce the particles of Aluminum in the air. But these wooden satellites will only produce Ash when re-enters the earth.

Japan is Going to Launch the World's First Wooden Satellite | TTC
From this image, the traffic of satellites in the space is estimated. Increasing metallic satellites in the space are causing more pollution.

If the LignoSat satellite, which is made of wood, works successfully in space, then the process of making satellites out of wood will begin. According to an estimate, preparations are being made to send more than 2,000 spacecraft into space in the next few years. And if all these spacecraft were made of metal, they could destroy our earth through aluminum pollution. In view of this, scientists are trying to send spacecraft made of wood into space so that air pollution can be minimized.

Report of University of British Columbia, Canada

According to a report by the University of British Columbia, which is located in Canada, it has been revealed that aluminum is the biggest destroyer of the ozone layer. Just as aluminum pollution is increasing day by day in the atmosphere, if it continues to increase, very soon our ozone layer will be further destroyed and we will not be able to protect ourselves from the dangerous UV rays of the sun.


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