Tesla Recalls 2 Million Vehicles after News of Autopilot System Malfunction | TTC

Yesterday, it was reported that Tesla recalled more than 2 million of its vehicles from the US. The reason for the recall was the news that appeared to show that the Autopilot system in Tesla vehicles was faulty. Almost every year since the launch of Autopilot, Tesla has recalled a few of its vehicles for defects, but this is Tesla’s biggest recall yet.
Tesla says it will update the Autopilot system’s software in its vehicles to ensure future vehicles don’t have the flaw. The defect in Tesla’s Autopilot system was also confirmed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration after two years of research.

Tesla Recalls 2 Million Vehicles after News of Autopilot System Malfunction | TTC
According to the research, more than 950 Tesla vehicles crashed due to their faulty Autopilot system in last 2 years.

The statement came from the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Travel and Standards Agency that Tesla has not yet taken any such action in the UK. The UK Driver and Vehicle Travel and Standards Agency has expressed its concerns and said that, are the vehicles brought to the UK different or better than those in the US?
In response to this, a Tesla spokesperson said that the vehicles operating in the UK do not have Autopilot because it is not authorized by higher authorities. Perhaps that’s why Tesla hasn’t recalled the vehicles in the UK. However, research is still ongoing.

What is an Autopilot System
An autopilot system is a system that controls the vehicle without the driver. Be it turning the steering wheel, increasing or decreasing the speed, changing the gears, all the tasks that a driver can do automatically can be done by the autopilot system.

Tesla, Elon Musk’s company, introduced the Autopilot system in its vehicles for the first time. But for some time now, there have been reports against it that its autopilot system is faulty and the company is not even admitting it. Despite all these circulating reports, no response was received from a Tesla spokesperson.
Not long ago, a local judge in Florida also claimed that Tesla owner Elon Musk and his managers were well aware that Tesla’s Autopilot system was faulty. According to the judge, he also had evidence that Elon Musk and his team were sending Tesla to market with a faulty Autopilot system despite knowing everything.

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According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a two-year study has revealed that over 950 Tesla vehicles have been involved in accidents in the past two years due to Autopilot failure alone. Precious lives have also been lost. So whenever this was reported to the company, the company made us believe that it was the fault of the driver.
According to Elon Musk, the recall now issued to Tesla vehicles applies to every Tesla vehicle that has the Autopilot feature since 2015. The software of all these vehicles will be updated by the company and it will also be ensured that there is no malfunction in the autopilot system.

Tesla Recalls 2 Million Vehicles after News of Autopilot System Malfunction | TTC
Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla Company)

More News on this
As it has been proven by many sources that Tesla’s Autopilot system was faulty. Therefore, it is being said that legal action will be taken against the company owner and other managers who were sending vehicles to the market knowing that their system was defective. According to the rumor, this case may go on in the US courts.

It is being said that now the Tesla company will improve as well as limit its Autopilot system. This means that the driver has to perform certain responsibilities in the autopilot system. Earlier, Tesla claimed that its Autopilot system is such that the driver does not even need to touch the steering wheel, but after the last two years of research, it has been revealed that this claim of Tesla was wrong and the presence of the driver. It is required in the car.
Director of the Autonomy and Robotics Center at George Mason University, Professor Missy Cumming, says that even with the Autopilot system

in place, drivers should maintain their gifted standing. Because the autopilot system works best only where the road is well marked. But where there is no marking on the road, the autopilot system does not work and this is the reason why the vehicles are prone to accidents.

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