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For some time now, there have been reports of accidents due to Tesla’s defective Autopilot system. But no one was ready to believe that even Tesla’s Autopilot system could malfunction. But now a local judge in Florida says he has evidence Tesla owner Elon Musk and other executives knew Tesla’s Autopilot system was defective. The local judge says that everyone, including CEO Elon Musk and Tesla executives, know that the Autopilot system is defective, but they are still sending their cars to market with the defective system.

Let’s talk about Tesla’s Autopilot system, which is a system introduced by Elon Musk for the first time in his cars, which can drive a car without a driver on the road. Whether it is to increase or decrease the speed, whether to cut a curve, whether to change the lane, whether to brake, whether to park the vehicle. Although everything the driver does can be done by this system.

When this autopilot system was launched in vehicles, experts said that this system will be a threat to human lives somewhere. But then no one was ready to accept this and even now some people believe that it is a misconception and that the autopilot system is a great alternative to drivers.

Tesla Defective Autopilot System; Judge Finds Evidence | TTC
May 2018 – Tesla hits parked Police car in California.
Report: BBC

Report of BBC – TESLA Hits Parked Police Car in California

The case against Tesla is just beginning and will only gain momentum over time. When the case goes to trial, more facts against Tesla may become public.

Judge Reid Scott said that, I was well aware that Tesla’s owner, Elon Musk, and his managers were well aware that Tesla’s Autopilot system was defective and that it was not performing its job properly. But still they ignored these safety measures and released their vehicles in the market for public use. But now I have solid evidence showing that Elon Musk and his managers actually knew about Tesla’s Autopilot system malfunction.

Elon Musk as well as all the managers and engineers of the Tesla company are equally complicit in the crime of sending vehicles to the market with defective Autopilot systems, destroying all safety precautions. Due to which hundreds of accidents were seen and many human lives were lost. Till date, in all the accidents that have occurred during the autopilot mode, the same statement came from Tesla that the error is entirely the fault of the driver and there is no malfunction of the autopilot system. So far, no statement has come out from Tesla in this regard.

Elon Musk and Tesla’s reputation could be badly affected by this case. If it turns out after court appearances that Elon Musk and other Tesla managers actually knew that our Autopilot system was defective, sales of Tesla vehicles could drop significantly. Because Tesla has only thought of its own profit while ignoring the safety of consumers. Just as Tesla has risen over the past few years, it is also in danger of falling. But these are all expert opinions which may prove to be wrong.


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