Social media Platforms are Down for Some Time in Several Countries | TTC

In several countries, social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Threads were temporarily blocked. Actually Meta which is the parent company of all these social media platforms had a problem in its backend. Due to which many countries including Pakistan, these platforms stopped their working.

According to the Downdetector, which is the World’s most popular platform for online service status information, more than 10 thousand users have faced this shutdown.

Social media Platforms are Down for Some Time in Several Countries | TTC
– by Downdetectors

According to Reuters, more than 300,000 reports of Facebook shutdown have been received, while more than 40,000 reports of Instagram shutdown have been received. Apart from this, users around the world are also facing interruption in WhatsApp, but WhatsApp has not stopped completely.

What problems did the users face in this Shutdown?

According to users, their Facebook accounts were automatically logged out and when they tried to log in, the accounts did not log back in. The problem Instagram faced was that Instagram was showing as a blank page and could not be refreshed. While WhatsApp was running intermittently, some messages were going while some were not.

Response from Meta

When reports of social media platforms being down like this started coming in from around the world, Meta’s Spokesperson, Andy Stones also tweeted on X to admit that there was a problem on Meta’s backend and we are looking for a solution. Soon it will be solved. 

Netblocks, a worldwide internet monitoring platform, also confirmed that the Meta’s social media platforms not functioning properly.

Social media Platforms are Down for Some Time in Several Countries | TTC
Screenshot of the Tweet on X by Netblocks – 5th March, 2024

Blocking of Social Media platforms in Pakistan

The shutdown of Meta’s social media platforms began at 8:00 p.m. (Pakistani time) in Pakistan. At first, Pakistani people thought that social media might be closed in Pakistan. Because the government of Pakistan has been considering the proposal to ban social media across Pakistan for the past few days. That’s why, this sudden shutdown of social media apps was a cause of criticism for some time on the newly elected government in Pakistan.

But after a tweet from Meta’s spokesperson that it was all happening due to a technical glitch, there was a wave of relief among the Pakistani people. For some time the people of Pakistan were very angry because before this X(Twitter) has not been running in Pakistan for some time.

A similar shutdown of Facebook and Instagram was earlier seen in July 2023.

Elon Musk about this Shutdown

Owner of X Elon Musk spoke out about this shutdown. Mockingly addressing Meta by posting that, if I’m posting it means our servers aren’t down. Screenshot is attached below;

Social media Platforms are Down for Some Time in Several Countries | TTC
Screenshot of the tweet on X by Elon Musk – 5th March, 2024

Current Status of Meta’s Social Media Platforms

After this accidental shutdown, Meta got it under control within a few hours and its platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. are functional as before. Around 10 pm in Pakistan, all platforms started working properly.


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