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In this blog, we will talk about Sea Lion and describe some interesting facts about it which will increase your knowledge. Sea Lions are one of the marine creatures found in various parts of the world including most of the Coastal areas of the Pacific Ocean and North South America.
Following are the some interesting facts about Sea Lions;


1. They are Excellent Swimmers

Sea Lions are the excellent swimmers among the marine organisms. Their swimming speed is 25 miles/hour. Their smooth and slim body helps them to swim faster.

2. They are Highly Social

Sea Lions do not like to be alone. They are highly social organisms and live in groups. Their groups are consist of thousands of individuals that live together. That is why, other marine animals shy away from them for attack.

3. Their Hearing is Excellent

Sea Lions have excellent hearing power. They can detect prey from miles away due to their hearing. Their sensitive ears help them to find their prey and protect from predators.

4. They are Bulls of Sea

Male sea lions are larger than females, reaching up to 8 feet in length and weighting over 800 pounds. That is why, they are called bulls of the sea. An adult sea lion is roughly the size of the bull.

5. They are Protected Specie

In the present era, when every specie is decreasing and extinct due to human impacts. Even at that time, Sea Lions are considered a protected specie whose population is increasing day by day.

6. Their Ability to Keep Silent

Sea lions hide in the depths of the sea to get prey and become silent. Nature has given them the ability to stop their their breath for 20+ minutes. This ability help them in hunting and also protect them.

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