School Teacher was Killed in an Terrorist Attack in France | TTC

A man killed a school teacher with a knife while two others were seriously injured at Gambetta High School in Ares, France.

The assailant was arrested by the police on the spot and is now in police custody. He has been identified as Mohammed Mogouchkov, 20 years old, from Russia. This young man is a graduate student from the same school.

According to eyewitnesses, the young man shouted Allah hu Akbar when he attacked. The police have described the attack as an Islamic terrorist attack.

The teacher who was killed is said to be a French teacher, while another teacher and a security guard are also seriously injured.

School Teacher was Killed in an Terrorist Attack in France | TTC
French President Emmanuel Macron strongly condemned the Islamic terrorist attack and assured that strict action will be taken against the perpetrators and those behind it.

President Macron has sent a message to the French people to remain united against these attacks and not to disperse under any circumstances. President Macron paid tribute to the slain teacher as well as the injured who stepped up and stopped the attack.

Mohammed Mogouchkov is a 20-year-old Russian student and has studied at the same school.According to the sources, he had a rather anarchist attitude towards Islamic ideas even before this. He has had many fights about Islam before.

In a statement issued by the French Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office, it is said that the reason for the attack is the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel. Because Muslims don’t like Jews, maybe that’s why he attacked his former teacher.

The assailant is currently in police custody while one of his accomplices, identified as Abdullah Andro, also a Russian Muslim, was killed by the police during the encounter.

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