Saudi Govt. has banned Iftar in Mosques | TTC 

The Saudi government has banned iftars in mosques throughout Saudi Arabia during the month of Ramadan. The purpose of banning Iftar in mosques is to maintain cleanliness in and around mosques.

In recent days, a notice was issued by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs of Saudi Arabia, in which it was clarified that there will be a ban on breaking the fast (Iftar) in the premises of mosques in the coming Ramadan. Since proper cleaning is not done after these iftars and garbage and dirt spreads in the mosques and surroundings. For this reason, iftar is banned in mosques.

In the notice, the administration of the mosques and the imams have been instructed to make the Iftar meal a regular place outside the mosques and to take special care of cleanliness. Apart from this, collection of donations for Iftar is also strictly prohibited.

This time the month of Ramadan in Saudi Arabia is starting on March 10, 2024 and will end on April 9.

Can you eat in public during Ramadan in Saudi Arabia?

In the honor of the month of Ramadan, there is a ban on eating and drinking in public during daylight hours across Saudi Arabia.

Apart from this, hotels and other food stalls have also been instructed to limit business during daylight hours. However, there is no restriction after the Iftar.


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