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Saudi Arabia has Opened the E-Visa Facility for 8 More Countries.

Reliable sources say that the Saudi Arabian Administration has decided to provide E-visa facility for 8 more countries. With the help of which the people of these countries will be able to further improve and facilitate the travel to Saudi Arabia.

The names of these countries are as follows;

  • Azerbaijan
  • Albania
  • Maldives
  • South Africa
  • Tajikistan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Georgia
  • Kyrgyzstan

The main purpose of giving E-visa to these countries was to facilitate business and Islamic travels (Umrah) for the people of these countries. People from these 8 countries can now come to the airport of Saudi Arabia by applying E-Visa. Before that, Saudi Arabia has provided E-Visa service to 49 countries and the number of countries that can take Saudi Arabia’s E-Visa has increased to 57.

It should be remembered that those who will come to Saudi Arabia through a E-Visa can stay in Saudi Arabia for 1 year and can make multiple entries. It means that this E-Visa is valid for 1 year. In addition, the Saudi Arabian government will give them a permit to stay for 90 day. They can perform Umrah and visit Saudi Arabia through E-Visa.

Saudi Arabia is reducing its visa requirements day by day. Even before this, Saudi Arabia reduced the Visa requirements for Pakistan, Turkey, and Morocco. Apart from this, it has also introduced instant E-Visa service for UK, US, and Schengen countries.


Main Objective of Changing the Visa Policies of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is easing its visa policies day by day. The Saudi Arabia whose visa was once a difficult matter and whose Sponsor System (Kafeel System) was famous all over the world. So what is the reason, why the Saudi Government reducing visa restrictions day by day?

According to the resources, the Saudi Government wants to promote Tourism in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Government wants more than 100 million visits to Saudi Arabia by 2030. Saudi Arabia also listed in the countries where tourism is increasing day by day. In 2023, Saudi Arabia has hosted more than 2 million Hajj pilgrims.


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