Person Bitten by a Snake Took the Snake with Him to the Hospital | TTC

A strange incident has taken place in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh in which a person, who can be seen in the picture, was bitten by a snake. Later, this person caught the same snake with great courage and took it with him to the hospital. Doctors immediately gave first aid to the patient.

After that, while talking to the media, the person was asked why you did this and why you brought this dangerous snake with you to the hospital? So, the man replied that, I have been bitten by a snake before. Then when I came to the hospital, the doctors asked me about the snake and made me lost in thoughts. For example, what was the snake like, how long was it, what was its color, etc. Therefore, to avoid answering these questions, I have brought with me the same snake that bit me.

The concerned doctor who treated the patient then spoke and said that the man had done very well to have taken the same snake with him. That is why it is easy for us to treat him. The doctor said that whenever you are bitten by a snake, try to look carefully at the snake, or take a picture of it, or if possible, take it alive or dead to the hospital. Because it may be possible to treat a snakebite as soon as we know which snake bit the person.

Person Bitten by a Snake Took the Snake with Him to the Hospital | TTC
Picture of the particular person | TTC

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