Pakistan’s Government is about to Deport Afghan Refugees | TTC

Ever since the caretaker government took charge in Pakistan, they have been trying to expell all the illegal immigrants living in Pakistan from Pakistan. In this category, the caretaker government has decided to deport 1.7 million Afghanis living in Pakistan. The Ministry of Pakistan has given a deadline of 28 days to the illegal Afghan refugees to register themselves legally, otherwise after 28 days all these illegal Afghans will be deported from Pakistan.

This decision of the government of Pakistan has been made in view of the current economic weakness of Pakistan and also because of the little conflicts with the Taliban. The government of Pakistan wants to expell all the illegally residing Taliban from Pakistan.

This is going to be the biggest deportation in the history of Pakistan in which illegal Afghans will be deported indiscriminately. Abbas Khan, who is the Chief Commissioner of Pakistan, says that this decision of the government has been made so that crime can be reduced in Pakistan. He further said that it is also possible that the Taliban may give a reaction against this decision of the government of Pakistan.

When the Taliban took over the government in Afghanistan two years ago, according to the statistics, 2 million Afghans were living in Pakistan. According to the current data, more than 1.7 million Afghans are living in Pakistan, out of which the majority are living illegally. After the Taliban came to power, many Afghans who were supporters of the Taliban have returned.

In the conditions that Pakistan is going through, it is difficult for a poor country to support 2 million foreigners. The former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, being a Pathan himself, was lenient with the Taliban and Afghans. But the current government says that there will be no leniency with the illegal Afghans.

Afghan refugees have been present in Pakistan for the past several decades, and most of the business in Pakistan is in the hands of Afghans in which Afghans are doing the cloth business in particular. Even after the 2014 Peshawar APS attack, countless Afghans were deported from Pakistan. Even then, there is a huge loss in the business world of Pakistan. Still Afghans say that if we are deported, Pakistan will have to bear more business loss.

Anwar ul Haq Kakar – Caretaker PM of Pakistan

Pakistani Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar says that deporting Afghans from Pakistan is indeed a cruel process. But we are also forced. Our current economic situation does not allow us to adopt the citizens of another country.

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