Pakistani Team will have to Control their Emotions in the Indian Fields | TTC

Former England cricket team Captain Eoin Morgan has expressed his views and said that in the World Cup 2023, the Pakistani cricket team will have to control their emotions in the fields of India.

Morgan said that I have not seen any live match between India and Pakistan, but the atmosphere and the kind of noises, it seems that the Pakistani team may be a victim of emotions in India.

Eoin Morgan said that I have never been to an India-Pakistan game before, nor have I ever taken interest, but it is not so easy for a Pakistani team to win when it is in the country of its biggest rival.

He said that when all the spectators in a cricket ground are one-sided, it becomes difficult for the other team to play, due to which the performance of the players is also affected due to lack of motivation.

The same is probably the case with the Pakistani team at this time, where more than one lakh spectators are supporters of the Indian team in the Ahmedabad stadium, then it is not easy for the Pakistani team to compete with India in such a situation. Perhaps this is the reason why Pakistan was badly defeated by India in today’s match.

India vs Pakistan | India Defeated Pakistan | TTC

Something similar was said by the former Indian cricketer Venkatesh Prasad, using a critical tone, that the Pakistani team may have been forced to run away by more than 100,000 Indians in the ground.


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