Pakistani Female Engineer has Developed an Eco-Friendly Aircraft Engine | TTC

Dr. Sara Qureshi, who has a PhD from Canfield University UK, says that we have developed an engine’s device that, if fitted in the engine, it does not emit dangerous gases.

The problem in the sky is more serious than the ground because pollution can be controlled by planting trees on the ground, but trees cannot be planted in the sky.

-Dr. Sara Qureshi, an aeronautical engineer from Pakistan.

Dr. Sara says that air travel is increasing over time due to which these planes are also increasing the pollution in the air which is causing global warming. The smog emitted by these aircraft is more dangerous than that from vehicles on the ground because it is produced directly in the sky, causing the greenhouse effect.

Dr. Sara and her team have developed a device that fits into the engine of a plane. The beauty of this device is that it filters the dangerous gases from the engine inside the engine and filters them into water by shaping and storing it inside the engine. When the plane is close to landing, this dangerous water is removed at once. Air pollution can be reduced to a great extent with the help of this solution.


How long will this high come in aircraft engines?

Dr. Sara Qureshi says that the aviation industry is very vast with numerous companies currently ruling the air with their planes. They have sent their proposal to various companies. She say that we first checked by putting this part in the vehicles, which got a lot of positive response. She says that there is no doubt that the amount of pollution that the airplanes spread in the air causes a lot of damage, but our part will take time to fit into the engines of all planes.

She said, “I have only one question for those who disagree with our plan, whether we have any other land to which we can go after the destruction of this land.”

She said that there is no doubt that some companies are taking steps to reduce emissions to a considerable extent, but the device that we have developed, if it is fitted in the engines of aircrafts, will reduce the emissions to a considerable extent.

Pakistani Female Engineer has Developed an Eco-Friendly Aircraft Engine | TTC
Dr. Sara Qureshi is also a trained pilot and also performs stunts in the air. She said that she was very fond of aviation since childhood. According to her, her daughter wants to become an astronaut.

In the end, she lamented that there is no sign of aviation industry in Pakistan. Even if our ladies and gentlemen want to go into this industry, the government does not provide them opportunities. She has demanded the government to establish such institutions as soon as possible in Pakistan which can attract the young generation to the aviation industry and get their services.

Pakistani Female Engineer has Developed an Eco-Friendly Aircraft Engine | TTC
Sara Qureshi with Little Pakistani Students

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