Pakistan’s First Woman Astronaut is Ready to go into Space | TTC

Pakistan is going to make history. Pakistan’s first woman Astronaut Nimra Saleem who is full trained is ready to go into the space. She arrives in the US to fulfill her mission.

Her mission is going to start from 5th of October, in which she will travel into the space with a private space tourism company. This journey of Nimra Saleem is not special only for her but also for Pakistan. She says that I will take the flag of Pakistan with her in the space. So that, She can make Pakistan proud.

It is a matter of importance for Pakistan as well as for South Asian Region that a woman of this region is going to travel in the space.

Nimra’s journey to space will fulfil her dream and also raise the flag of Pakistan with proud. After seeing her, other women of Pakistan will also take the interest in this and tr

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