Order to Arrest Govt. Employees Absent from Election Duty | TTC

Crackdown on government employees absent from election duty. Arrest warrants were issued for absent government employees in PS-74 (Sajawal-II) constituency of Sindh.

According to the details, arrest warrants have been issued for government employees absent from election duty in constituency PS-74 (Sajawal-II) of Sindh. Arrest orders have been issued for more than 300 government employees, including teachers, medical officers, and police officers. 

Apart from this, arrest warrants have also been issued for 174 missing government employees in Sewan Sharif of Sindh.

The district administration says that if these employees do not return in time, they will be arrested as well as dismissed from their jobs.

As the election of National and Provincial Assemblies is going to be held across Pakistan tomorrow i.e. 8 February 2024. Like every election, in this election too, government employees will be posted for services at each polling station. According to the Election Commission, two personnel of Pakistan Army will be deployed at each polling station while the remaining police and rangers will be deployed as per the requirement. Apart from this, government teachers etc will serve in the polling process. It has also been clarified that tight security will be deployed at sensitive polling stations where there is a risk of fighting.


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