Now we will able to Post Texts on TikTok | TTC

Now we will able to Post Texts on TikTok.

Like other social media platforms, now Tiktok has also introduced Posting Text feature. Tiktok has changed the app to allow the users to post upto 1000 character texts on their posts. Earlier, a video or image was required to post on Tiktok, but now we can post only texts without any video or image. Along with this, we will able to add music and location tags to this text post.

Social media platforms are launching new features to grab the attention of users and are copying each other to gain the popularity among the active users.

Apparently, Tiktok has copied this feature from Twitter (which is now X).

Copying each other is an old rule and custom of social media platforms. Earlier, Instagram copied the feature of Stories from Snapchat. Similarly, Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram copied Tiktok and introduced the feature of Reels and Short.

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