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British Company MG is going to launch its MG3 (2nd Generation) in Pakistan in 2024. To know the specifications, features, and MG3 Price in Pakistan – Read this Article.

MG cars are said to be the modern and luxury cars in the world. In 2024, MG is going to launch its up-to-date car MG3 2nd Generation in the Pakistan’s market. Car lovers are exited to know about the specs, features, look, and MG3 price in Pakistan. To know about this bombastic car, stay connected with us.

Interior of MG3 2nd Generation

MG3 Price in Pakistan; MG3 2nd Generation | TTC
Interior Photo of Upcoming MG3 2nd Generation.
Credit: PakWheels

The interior of this car is going to the best in this line. Their is a multimedia steering in it which give several controls of the car on your finger tips on the steering wheel. Along with this, their will be a Android panel in it with USB port and Bluetooth connectivity. 

The side mirrors of the car will be adjust digitally by the buttons. In addition, their front seats are adjusted electrically by the side buttons instead manual pull. This gives driver and passengers more comfortability in the car.

This car comes with 2 Airbags in it. Apart from this, their will be smooth and shiny dashboard with the leather covering. In shortly, this car will be the best car in this price tag.

Exterior of MG3 2nd Generation

The bogy shape of MG3 is like the little SUV. This car is smaller in size but looks like the hot SUVs. This front lights are going to be very clear and forwarding, which makes the night driving more easy and comfortable.

MG3 Price in Pakistan; MG3 2nd Generation | TTC
Exterior of MG3 2nd Generation.
Credit: PakWheels

Like the SUVs, it is like jeeps from the back side with affordable and larger boot-space. The tyres are coming with the alloy wheels which put the fours moons on the look of this car. Their is better ground clearance of this car. As above earlier, it is like the small SUV, so its ground clearance and height is going to be best as per the road condition of the Pakistan. Apart from this, Anti-Locking braking system is fitted in this model which lowers the chances of break failures.

From latest sources, it is said that this version of the MG3 will be coming in 4 different colors which are; Black, Blue, Yellow, and White. In short, this car is going to best car in its price tag.

Engine of MG3 2nd Generation

The engine of this car is to be 1500 CCs with the Horsepower of 110. The torque of this car is said to be 150 which in good enough according to its size. 

According to the experience of this car in other countries, it is said that this car gives the mileage of 12 to 14 km/liter. Their is the petrol engine in this car with 2 wheels movement. Due to its mileage, it will be the best vehicle for the middle-lower class of our country.

The table below explain their engine and other specs more significantly;

Engine Capacity 1498 CCs
Horsepower 110 HPs
Torque 150 N
Expected Mileage 12-14 km/liter
Transmission Automatic (5+R)
Key Feature Anti-Locking Breaking System

Pros of MG3 2nd Generation

The pros of this car are given below;

  1. The price said of this car is reasonable and affordable.
  2. This car is power pack.
  3. The resale value of this car is good.
  4. Their Anti-Locking Brake system in this price tag.
  5. Their good looking shape.

Cons of MG3 2nd Generation

The cons of this care are given below;

  1. Their engine is old modeled.
  2. Due to the road condition of Pakistan, its ride may be uncomfortable.
  3. Many competitors of this car are also present in the Pakistani market.
  4. The spare parts of MG are bit expensive and not easily available in Pakistan.
  5. Due to their modern engine setup, their will be the difficulty for mechanics to repair.

MG3 Price in Pakistan

According to the reports, this car comes in the price tag of 30 Lakh PKR. After completing the documentations and paying taxes, this price tag will be reached to 35 Lakh PKR.

According to the present financial condition of Pakistan, their price may increases due to the inflation and increasing taxes.

Competitors of MG3 in Pakistan

In the Pakistani market, their are many competitors which are also present. In this price tag, their are many other vehicles which are running on the road of Pakistan. Some of them provides better features than the upcoming MG3. The competitors of MG3 in their price tag and features are given below;

  1. Ford Fiesta 
  2. Volkswagen Polo
  3. Hyundai i20
  4. Suzuki Alto
  5. Renault Clio

If MG3 launched in Pakistani market, these competitor vehicles may reduce its selling and demanding.

When MG3 2nd Generation Launch in Pakistan

According to the rumors, MG3 2nd Generation is going to launch in Pakistani market in the mid of the 2024. Due to the financial and political condition of Pakistan, the launch date may extended and approach the ending of 2024. Experts said that this car comes in Pakistan in last month of 2023, but different factors makes their launch date.


MG3 2nd Generation is going to be viral car because of the different factors. First of all, it is modern car with latest and multiple features which are discussed above. Second one is their bombastic shape. This car may performs best in the hilly areas of Pakistan due to its SUV shape and ground clearance.

If this car gives the efficient fuel mileage (as mentioned) on the roads of Pakistan, then this car may hits the other ones and become the king in this price tag. The price of MG3 is value for money due to its features. Many competitors of this car are also present but if this model lye on the roads of Pakistan and performs best, no one competes it in their features and specs.

If you are interested to buy this car, make sure to check this car in market after their launching. Apart from this, concern with the mechanic and other experts before investing on MG3 2nd Generation.

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