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McDonald’s sales drop after boycott to record lows worldwide. The drop in sales was due to the war between Israel and Gaza. Because McDonald’s is a Jewish brand and is cooperating with Israel in this war, McDonald’s could not even reach its target sales in the Muslim world due to the boycott of the Muslim world.

McDonald’s, one of the world’s largest food chains, has claimed that our sales have fallen drastically. According to McDonald’s, especially in Muslim countries, our franchisees are facing a lot of financial difficulties. Apart from this, sales have also fallen in European countries. Since these countries also have a Muslim population, there has been a McDonald’s sales drop after boycott.

According to McDonald’s, its shares have fallen more than 4%. 

Apart from McDonald’s, other western companies such as Starbucks and Coca-Cola are also crying about the decline in sales.

McDonald’s says that many of our franchises have also been closed due to boycott in the last year i.e. 2023 due to the Gaza-Israel war.  Muslim owners of franchises, especially in Muslim countries, have stopped it themselves.

McDonald's Sales Drop after Boycott | TTC
McDonald’s Chief Executive Chris Kempczinski

McDonald’s Chief Executive Chris Kempczinski has said that the biggest McDonald’s sales drop after boycott has been seen in Malaysia, Indonesia and France.  Apart from this, the sales in the Middle East region have also fallen significantly and are yet to recover.

He said that this war will last for a long time and we are also not hoping for any increase in sales. Because people are constantly getting disconnected from western brands.

McDonald’s in the Middle East

McDonald’s operates on a franchise system.  More than 5% of its franchises are located in the Middle East region of the world. This region includes Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other countries.  McDonald’s is facing severe criticism in these countries. Muslim people’s anger towards Israel is coming out on McDonald’s. For this reason, other western brands including McDonald’s are also coming down fast.

In addition, a large number of franchise owners in these countries have closed them down themselves. Due to which the shares of McDonald’s have decreased significantly.

McDonald’s Sales have also Increased

Because the people of the West are quite supportive of Israel. Therefore, McDonald’s and other western companies have gained a lot of popularity in these places and their sales have increased. The countries where McDonald’s sales have increased are: USA, Canada, UK and Germany.

Apart from this, the current wave of inflation is also the reason for the increase in sales in these countries. Since the price of everything has gone up, there has been a boost in McDonald’s sales.

McDonald’s says that indeed our sales growth in these countries has been less than expected.

Why did McDonald’s get Boycotted?

McDonald’s is an American multinational company and its top management is partly Jewish. The war that broke out between Israel and Gaza last year has accused McDonald’s of funding Israel’s war. But then it was dismissed as just a false allegation by McDonald’s.

But later it was revealed that McDonald’s was also providing free food to the Israeli army along with the funding. This has been proven by reliable sources.

After that, the Muslim Ummah, which supports Gaza-Palestine, started a boycott of other Western companies, including McDonald’s. Not only the boycott, McDonald’s also had to close franchises due to criticism in many places and Muslim owners themselves closed franchises in many places.

In this way, till now the sales of McDonald’s are not recovering and the possibility is not visible.


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How much did McDonald’s lose after boycott?

The Chief Executive of McDonald’s has also admitted that McDonald’s has really suffered a lot due to the this boycott. McDonald’s has never suffered such a financial loss before. According to experts, so far McDonald’s has suffered a loss of more than 1 Million US dollars.

McDonald’s has suffered the most in Muslim countries, including Malaysia and Indonesia. There, the Muslim people have also taken legal action against McDonald’s to block such western companies from our connections.

The Chief Executive of McDonald’s says that the war is not known when it will end, but we are suffering continuous losses.

– Report by BBC

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