Labor Shortage in Ukraine; Women began to Work in Mines | TTC

Women forced to work in mines due to labor shortage due to war in Ukraine. Since the Russia-Ukraine war, Ukraine has been facing a labor shortage. Because a large number of male workers are engaged in fighting with Russia by joining the army and many male workers have also died due to which this shortage of workers has come to light.

The mining sector is facing the biggest labor shortage. Locals say that this is the first time in history that our women are working in the mines.

I started this mining job because I couldn’t find another job because of the war, says 22-year-old Crishiana (Fictionous Name). For the past five months, she has been engaged in extracting coal by going down about half a kilometer underground using small trains. She further said that her husband was killed in the war between Russia and Ukraine, due to which she is forced to do this to raise her four-year-old son. According to her, the work is interesting but also very difficult, working underground in little light and feeding yourself and your family.

Another woman who was engaged in mining said that our men are working on the front line to protect us while we stand by their side and support our families.

Ukraine’s coal industry is one of the major industries in Europe which has been severely affected after the war and this is the reason why the whole of Europe has seen a significant decrease in coal supply.

From the beginning, Russia has been trying to take over Ukraine’s coal mines in some way, and for this purpose, from 2014 to 2022, Russia has taken over a lot of mines. It is estimated that between 3,000 and 20,000 mining workers are currently engaged in fighting and thousands of workers have also lost their lives.

Natalia (Fictionous name), said that we would do the same work as our men, no matter how hard it was. Natalya said that when she started this work, his 19-year-old son also came with him in the mining work. She wept as she explained that she wanted to see her son lead a good life, but the war has forced us to become laborers.

This war is causing a lot of damage to Ukraine. Many industries in Ukraine have been completely destroyed, among which the mining industry and agriculture industry are on top. Ukraine, which was known in Europe for its agriculture, is now forced to take grain aid from other countries. Apart from this, the amount of coal that was exported from Ukraine to the whole world, including Europe, has also decreased.

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