Iraq Announced 30 Days Free Visa for Pakistani Visitors | TTC

Iraq announced 30 days free visa for Pakistani visitors. The Government of Iraq has decided that visitors from Pakistan will be given free 30 days visa from 19th of August, 2023 to 20th of September, 2023.

The main purpose of this decision is to improve Pak-Iraq relations. It was done when Pakistani Minister Rana Sana Ullah visited Iraq. This visa will be handles by only Iraqi and Pakistani airlines. In addition, the visa quota of Pakistanis has been increased to 100,000 by Iraq.

According to the Iraqi affairs, Pakistani visitors will be able to enter Iraq by land using the Al-Sheib Port, while travelling by air will be able to use the Al-Najaf International Airport.

Sometime ago, Iraq launched the 15 days free visa for Pakistanis, that will not continue anymore. Discussions are also ongoing between the two countries on other issues. It is hoped that in the future, more relaxations will be made in the visa policies. So, the tourism can boost in both countries.

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