Iran’s Missile Attacks on Pakistan | TTC

According to the Pakistani media, on Tuesday night, Iran fired missiles at two bases of the Baloch military organization Jaish-ul-Adl. Along with this, Iran also launched missile attacks in Iraq and Syria at the same time. This was also confirmed by the reliable media channel Al Jazeera. Apart from this, the representative of the Foreign Minister of Pakistan has also confirmed the news of Iran’s attacks.

Iran's Missile Attacks on Pakistan | TTC
Jaish-al-Adl Group’s Flag.
They claimed that we are Army of the Justice in the region.
Credit: Wikipedia

According to the sources, Jaish-ul-Adl is a Sunni Baloch military organization on which Iran has fired missiles. According to the reports so far, there has been no loss of people belonging to this organization, while two children have been killed and three civilian people have been injured.

Pakistan has recalled its ambassador from Iran on the next day i.e. Wednesday and has canceled all activities with Iran for the next few days. “Attacking a Baloch military organization in Balochistan is worrisome. At least Iran should have informed us”, said Pakistan.

Apart from Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Baloch military organizations have also sent strong messages to Iran. They have said that Iran’s unprovoked attack is not acceptable for Pakistan. It is an illegal act for which Iran apologizes.

Iran's Missile Attacks on Pakistan | TTC
Iran’s Foreign Minister, who say that the purpose of these attacks of Iran was only to destroy the bases of Jaish-ul-Adl.

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdullah has said that Iran has carried out these attacks only on the Jaish-ul-Adl group because it was the hand of the Jaish-ul-Adl group in the recent terrorist incidents in Iran. Iran also claimed that this organization is in link with Israel, but there is no reliable proof.

Iran’s foreign minister says that Iran definitely did not attack Pakistan, the attack was only on this terrorist organization. It was only to destroy the bases of Jaish-ul-Adl which are very close to the Iran’s border. This attack was carried out by missiles and drones.

This attack by Iran has created restlessness in the region. Even before that, the war between Israel and Hamas was going on in this region. Besides some time ago, the boats in the Red Sea were also targeted by Yemen’s forces. The experts say that behind these missile attacks, if Iran wants to harm Pakistan, then the situation in South Asia can worsen in future.

Iran's Missile Attacks on Pakistan | TTC
A recent Image of Caretaker PM of Pakistan and Iran’s Foreign Minister.

Pakistan’s Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar has also strongly condemned these attacks. Almost all major political parties of Pakistan have strongly condemned this attack and said that if Iran does not stop these evils, the peace situation in the region may deteriorate.

Earlier on February 26, 2019, Indian fighter jets crossed the Pakistani border and attacked the bases of Jaish-e-Mohammed Organization, which is located in Balakot, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Iran's Missile Attacks on Pakistan | TTC
Photograph of Balakot Airstrike by India.
– 26 February, 2019

Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is currently in jail, has made a statement that a country like Iran, which is our friend, was not expected to attack them.

Former Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif also says that these attacks by Iran can create a rift between the two friendly countries. He said that if Iran has any security issue, it can resolve it through negotiations with Pakistan.

In the last month, about 11 Iranian police officers were reported dead. This incident happened in Iran’s Sistan province, which is located next to the Balochistan border. Then, this statement came out by Iran that Jaish-al-Adl had a hand in this incident.

Differences between Balochistan and Iran have been going on for many years, because there are many Baloch military organizations in Balochistan, whose small battles with Iran continue. But it has been seen for the first time that Iran has not told Pakistan before attacks.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has given this message to Iran that if there is any issue, it should be resolved through negotiations or at least let us know in advance otherwise the situation of Iran and Pakistan will deteriorate. 

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