Indians who are Playing for Other Countries in World Cup 2023 | TTC

A resident of a country does not necessarily have to serve for that country. We get proof of this in World Cup 2023, in which many Indian players are participating, who belong to India, but those games have been for another country.

You must have heard about the famous New Zealand’s cricketer Ash Sody and you will be surprised to see his viral video in which he is speaking in Hindi and saying that commentary in cricket should be in Punjabi language as well. Apart from this, another video of him went viral in which he was singing an Indian song. So there was a curiosity in the hearts of cricket fans that how a Hindi speaker could join the New Zealand team.
There are more cricket fans in India as compared to other countries. The passion for playing cricket is currently at its peak in India. Many Indian cricketers are showing their best performances in the cricket teams of other countries.

In this blog we are going to tell you about 2 players who belong to India but played for other countries. So. here we begin;


Ash Soddy

Indians who are Playing for Other Countries in World Cup 2023 | TTC
Ash Soddy | Credit: Getty Images

Ash Sody, who is a famous New Zealand’s bowler, real name is Andbir Singh Soddy. Recently, a video of him went viral in which he was saying that cricket commentary should be in Punjabi language as well. So the curiosity arose in the heart of cricket fans that how a New Zealand player is speaking Hindi.

So yes, Ash Sody is an Indian, his date of birth is 31 October 1992 of Ludhiana, India. While giving an interview, Ash Sody said that my ancestors were residents of Lahore, Pakistan, who later moved to India during the partition of India. According to him, his parents later moved to New Zealand and Ash completed his education from New Zealand.

Since his childhood, he was very fond of playing cricket, so instead of joining the team of his native country, he preferred to play in the country in which he lived. First, he played with the regional teams, later on he got promoted on the basis of his best performance and finally got selected in the International Cricket Team of New Zealand.

Ash Sody said in an interview that of course he lives in New Zealand and is playing cricket for New Zealand, but he is not far from India at all. He further said that I have a good understanding of our culture and civilization. He said it is a fact that India is my home before New Zealand
One interesting thing that he told in the interview was that he is also a fan of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala.

Indians who are Playing for Other Countries in World Cup 2023 | TTC
Punjabi Singer | Sidhu Moosewala

Vikramjit Singh

Indians who are Playing for Other Countries in World Cup 2023 | TTC
Vikramjit Singh | Credit: Getty Images

It is obvious from his name that he is an Indian Sikh. Vikramjit Singh also belongs to the city of Jalandhar in India. He is currently giving the best batsman performance for Holland cricket team.

According to Vikramjit Singh, he was born in 2003 in Jalandhar, Punjab. He said that his paternal grandfather had migrated from Punjab to Holland in the 80s. He said that he received his native education from his hometown Jalandhar, but later in 2008, he also followed his parents’ footsteps and moved to Holland.

Vikramjeet said that his father wanted his son to become a cricketer from the beginning. He said that even while living in India, I had joined a cricket academy. He says that like my father, I was also very fond of cricket, so I have been connected with the game since my childhood.
Vikram is currently one of the best batsmen in Holland who has played more than 25 matches and scored more than 800 runs.

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