India’s Richest Rickshaw Driver; He drives Rickshaw despite being a Millionaire | TTC

Gurdev Singh from Indian Punjab, who is around 90 years old, is a millionaire, but still drives a rickshaw. He is the India’s richest rickshaw driver. In April 2023, Gurdev Singh’s luck opened and he won a lottery of two and a half million rupees. Singh’s family has shifted from the hut-like house to the city, but Gurdev Singh still lives in his old and shabby house in the village.  

Source: BBC/Urdu

Life before Winning the Lottery

India's Richest Rickshaw Driver; He drives Rickshaw despite being a Millionaire | TTC
Now even though I am a millionaire, I cannot leave this rickshaw; Gurdev said.
Credit: BBC/Urdu

Gurdev Singh belongs to a small village named as Moga in Indian Punjab. According to Gurdev Singh, he has four sons and one daughter. I raised my children by this rickshaw. As the expenses were more than the income which made it a bit difficult to manage the household expenses but I did not give up and continued to work hard. He said that due to the work of the rickshaw, my children are grown up, and all my five children are educated and my daughter is also married.

After Winning the Lottery

According to Gurdev Singh, last year in 2023, he had bought a lottery in the beginning of April. Luck was with him, then he won this lottery, due to which he got two and a half million rupees. He made his son a regular business so that he could earn his living easily. All the debts I had were also cleared with the help of this lottery money. Gardev Singh says that at least because of this lottery, I got rid of the tension of my household expenses.

Gurdev Singh said that since I was working as a rickshaw driver, it was a bit difficult for me to leave this job. So, I disagreed with my family and preferred to stay in my old house in the village. 

He takes his rickshaw to the road in the morning as per his old routine. He facilitates the riders and collects his salary. He said that if I leave this work, my soul will not be satisfied and at the same time I will become incapacitated in terms of health.

Gurdev Singh said that earlier all the expenses of the house were on me, which I used to drive this rickshaw, but now since my son has a good business and we have lottery money, this tension has gone.

Gurdev Singh wants to Serve the Society

Gurdev Singh has been a social worker since the beginning. He said that I have been contributing to the betterment of the society and giving money according to my schedule. 

It was learned from his villagers that Gurdev Singh had a small garden of his own, in which he used to grow plants from seeds and then plant them in the village and the surrounding area. The streets are also repaired and the potholes on the roads are removed by him.

India's Richest Rickshaw Driver; He drives Rickshaw despite being a Millionaire | TTC
Gurdev Singh in his little Garden.
Credit: BBC/Urdu

Gaddev Singh said that he has been planting plants for a long time and keeps watering them as well. According to him, he has not used medicine in his entire life and keeps himself fit by doing daily physical activities.

Due to these works of Gurdev, he is appreciated by his local people. He says that I will continue to serve humanity and also takes the lotteries.


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This story of Gurdev Singh teaches us that no matter how rich we become, we should not forget our times. If we see the life of Gurdev Singh, it is known that even in poverty, he did not leave any deficiency in the service of the society. Apart from the way he planted trees in their area and made their area green, this effort of Gurdev is definitely worth appreciating.

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