Increase in Price of Suzuki Vehicles | TTC

Pak Suzuki Motors Company (PKMC) has decided to increase the price of several of its vehicles from 1st March 2024. These vehicles include Alto, Cultus, and Swift.

Increase in Price of Suzuki Vehicles | TTC
– Daily Pakistan

Why car prices are increasing in Pakistan?

Shafiq Ahmad Shaikh, Focal Person of Pak Suzuki Motors, has said in his statement that due to the current inflationary situation, increase in taxes, and rise in the prices of raw materials coming from abroad, we had to increase the prices of the vehicles.

He also said that since industries are closing day by day in Pakistan, we have to import even the smallest parts from other countries.

He said that one of the reasons for the increase in prices is the incidents in the Red Sea.Since November 2023, Yemen’s Houthi rebels have blocked the route from the Suez Canal, targeting cargo ships coming from Western countries due to the Israel-Gaza war. Due to which these prices have to be increased due to increase in cargo charges. He added that due to the incidents in the Red Sea, the delivery of goods has also been disrupted.

The focal person said that in the last year i.e. 2023, the company did not increase the prices despite being in loss. The main reason for this was to give relief to the customers. But now selling vehicles at old prices is like shutting down the company.

Following are the details of the vehicle price hike by Suzuki Motors;

SR# Model Name Recent Price (PKR) New Price (PKR) Price Increase (PKR)
1 Alto VX 2,251,000 2,331,000 80,000
2 Alto VXR 2,612,000 2,707,000 95,000
3 Alto VXR AGS 2,799,000 2,894,000 95,000
4 Alto VXL AGS 2,935,000 3,045,000 110,000
5 Cultus VXR 3,718,000 3,858,000 140,000
6 Cultus VXL 4,084,000 4,244,000 160,000
7 Cultus AGS 4,366,000 4,546,000 180,000
8 Swift GL MT 4,336,000 4,421,000 85,000
9 Swift GL CVT 4,654,000 4,719,000 65,000
10 Swift GLX CVT 5,040,000 5,125,000 85,000



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