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More than two billion cups of coffee are consumed in a day in the world. Let’s know how coffee became the favorite drink of people around the world.

The Beginnings of Coffee

According to tradition, a resident of the African country of Ethiopia, who was a shepherd, noticed that his goats looked happy and satisfied after eating coffee’s plant leaves and seeds. Seeing this, the locals started eating coffee seeds.

According to some traditions, the use of coffee began in the Arab country – Yemen and probably in the 6th century AD.

After that, the Arabs acquired considerable expertise in coffee cultivation and prepared a special type of drink. This drink was made by mixing hot water and coffee beans. The Arabs used to call it “Qahwa”. It means “Power” in the Arabic dictionary. Even today, Qahwa is drunk a lot in Arab countries.

After that, coffee was also used as a medicine. People started drinking it to stay awake late at night.

When coffee was introduced to Europe, people started drinking it and it became a custom.

The first to brew and sell coffee was in Turkey, where its first shop opened. The first coffee drinkers were poets and writers, who believed that drinking it enhanced the ability to think and understand.

Thus, coffee became a common part of every kitchen. Today everyone is familiar with its taste.

How does Coffee Affect the Body?

According to experts, if coffee is not made a habit and used in moderation, it has no harm. How does coffee affect our body? Let’s find out

Coffee contains a chemical called “Caffeine”. Adenosine is naturally present in our body which gives the body the ability to relax and sleep. According to experts, the structure of caffeine is similar to adenosine. Caffeine binds to adenosine and inhibits its function. In this way, man remains alert and awake. According to experts, the effect of coffee on a person lasts from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

Effects of Coffee on Health

According to experts, the health effects of coffee depend on its consumption. If we consume coffee in moderation and do not become addicted to it, it has no negative effects.

First of all, it is completely harmful for young people and minor children. Because caffeine tolerance is lower in young and minors. Healthy adults can consume up to 400 mg of caffeine per day. Excess of caffeine is harmful to health and causes many diseases.

Overuse of coffee can lead to numerous problems. For example, lack of sleep, nervousness, anxiety, stomach and chest acidity, headache, upset stomach, blood pressure, nausea etc.

If you consume too much coffee, you can even become addicted to it, which can be very harmful.

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