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Dubai – One of the most modern places in the world. Whether it’s sightseeing or shopping, looking for a job or setting up a business, millions of people from all over the world visit Dubai every year. How a deserted Dubai was made, will be told in this article.

The City of Fishermen

This year was 1833. A tribe called “Bani Yas” settled in what is now Dubai. At that time, Dubai was a drought-prone desert. At that time, the area of ​​Dubai was under the rule of Abu Dhabi. But due to drought and famine no one was ready to pay attention here. The people of Bani Yas used to catch fish and earn their living there. That is why Dubai came to be called “The City of Fishermen”.

History of Dubai | TTC
A picture of Dubai at the end of 19th century, when it was called “The City of Fishermen”.

In 1894, businessmen began to visit this area. Since there was no government control here, traders started setting up businesses here. Due to the lack of government attention, the traders were not even taxed, so more entrepreneurs were attracted to this dry desert and thus a city was settled. But Dubai was still called the city of fishermen because there was an abundance of fish here and the majority was related to the fish business.

Era of Sheikh Saeed bin Makhdoom

History of Dubai | TTC
Sheikh Saeed bin Makhdoom (Ruler 1912-1958)
He is known as the Founder of Dubai.

In 1912, the rulership of Dubai fell into the hands of Sheikh Saeed bin Makhdoom. He is called the founder of Dubai. Because he was the first ruler who paid attention to Dubai and started construction and development here. After the arrival of Saeed bin Makhdoom, the extraction of gold, silver and pearls also started in Dubai. Since it was a dry and barren region, there was an abundance of gold, silver and pearls. The people of Dubai started doing the same thing and gradually Dubai became known for its jewellery. Even today, Dubai holds its own in the world of jewellery. Dubai’s economy grew day by day after the start of precious metal operations. But due to the drought in the area, people rarely came to this area.

Era of Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed al-Makhdoom

History of Dubai | TTC
Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed (Ruler 1958-1990)

In 1958, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed, the son of Saeed bin Makhdoom, ascended the throne. These were the people who transformed Dubai from a fishing village into a grand city.

History of Dubai | TTC
Dubai in 1950s.
Before the expansion of ports.

In 1963, Rashid bin Saeed deepened the water in the port of Dubai where ships used to stop. So that even big ships can stop in this port. As the port was quite small and shallow, then large fleets avoided coming here. But Rashid bin Saeed started a big project by adopting a comprehensive strategy. The cost of this project was more than the annual income of Dubai. But Sheikh took the risk and started this work. Dubai also took loans from other countries to complete this project. After some time, this project was successfully completed and thus big ships also started coming to Dubai. This also increased Dubai’s income and Dubai’s jewelery began to be shipped around the world. That is, Dubai has become a global market for gold and silver.

Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed often visited European countries and the United Kingdom. He had a great desire to make Dubai a modern city like Britain, but due to lack of resources, it was not possible then. Sheikh especially loved the city of London. They wanted to build London-like infrastructure in Dubai.

Sheikh Rashid started shaping Dubai into a city. Gradually, buildings started to be built here. In 1959, an airport was also built in Dubai, due to which now the planes also started circling over Dubai. Sheikh Rashid also started building electricity lines, telephone lines and ports in Dubai. People call Sheikh Rashid a fool for investing in a soft desert and wasting money.

1966 – Turning Point of Dubai

History of Dubai | TTC
1966 – When Oil was discovered in Dubai.
Sheikh Rashid is seen in the picture.

The year 1966, was the year when Dubai’s fortunes shone. This was the year that oil was discovered in Dubai. But Sheikh Rashid realized that oil reserves in Dubai are not very large. These may end anytime in the coming years. He told the nation that I have one good news and one bad news. The good news is that oil has been discovered in Dubai and the bad news is that this oil will not last long.

Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed showed wisdom and started working on other projects utilizing these oil reserves. He invited the best engineers and architects from all over the world to Dubai and started work on establishing a modern city. In 1979, a building called the World Trade Center was developed in Dubai and thus modern buildings began to be built. Dubai has transformed from a village to a glittering city within a few years.

Era of Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid bin Saeed al-Makhdoom

In 1981, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed al-Makhdoom died. But the streak you started continued.

History of Dubai | TTC
Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid (Ruler 1990-Till Now)

After the death of the Sheikh, the son of the Sheikh, Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid bin Saeed Al-Makhdoom sat on the throne. Even today the Ameer of Dubai is the same. The modern Dubai we see today is the result of Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed’s planning. The entire city of Dubai is built on a desert, which is raw soil. If you do not know about raw soil, let us tell you that the desert is made of soft sand, so it is called raw soil, which is soft.

The whole world is wondering how Sheikh Rashid and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid established a city with huge buildings on top of the desert. The buildings built in Dubai weigh millions of tons and are built on the desert. Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid built buildings with excellent craftsmanship, looking at the mountains and taking into account the flow of water, which are permanent on the sand of the desert.

Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed knew that Dubai could not survive on oil. Even today, oil contributes only one percent of Dubai’s economy. All credit for the development of Dubai’s economy goes to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, who built Dubai in such a way that people from all over the world are attracted to Dubai.

How did Dubai’s economy grow?

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid started to build things in Dubai that drew the world’s attention to Dubai. You built the Burj Khalifa and held the record for the tallest building in the world. Apart from this, there are luxurious seven star hotels like Burj Al Arab which attract the rich people from all over the world. Sheikh Mohammed also created an airline called Emirates, which is considered the best airline in the world. Build cricket stadiums where countries from all over the world come to play international cricket. Although Dubai does not have its own cricket team, every year a huge amount of money comes to Dubai from all the cricket boards in the world. It was all these things that made people from all over the world flock to Dubai. Because of this, the exchange rate of Dubai increased and the economy of Dubai started to skyrocket.

Jebel Ali Port

History of Dubai | TTC
Port Jebel Ali – Busiest Port of the Middle-East.

The ports built by Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed also have a hand in boosting Dubai’s economy. Dubai’s Jebel Ali Port is the busiest port in the Middle East where ships from all over the world stop. This port gives millions of foreign exchange to Dubai every year. The special thing about Jebel Ali Port is that there are many tax exemptions. This is the reason why hundreds of world famous companies are present here. Millions of people from all over the world are working at this port. The port contributes 20 percent of Dubai’s economy every year.

Today’s Dubai

Today, 80 percent of Dubai’s population is expatriate. These are the people who are working here, doing business, laboring or spending their money here. That means Dubai has provided them with all the facilities. Big companies from all over the world are investing their money in Dubai. Every year millions of pilgrims come here and spend their money. Today, due to its strategy, Dubai is bringing money from other countries into its country and making further developments.

– Dubai in 2050

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