Germany Promised to Give 20 Million Euros to Pakistan | TTC

In recent days, the Pak-German event was held in the Karachi, in which the both countries highlighted their art and culture. Speaking at this event, the representative of German Government has said that Germany will pay 20 Million Euros to Pakistan as a aid till 2027.

Germany and Pakistan are old friends, their friendship has continued since 1950s. The ideologies of both countries are similar in many places. Both countries are against in wars in the Muslim countries especially in the Afghanistan. Apart from this, for the last several years, both Germany and Pakistan has been trading various items from each other.

The representative of Germany said that the main purpose of Germany to pay 20 Million Euros to Pakistan is that, Pakistan can get out from the economic crisis and stabilize itself.

The Foreign Minister of Pakistan has appreciated this initiative of Germany and expressed this sincere gratitude to the German Government. He said that by this move of Germany, the Pak-German relations will further improve.

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