Fire Broke Out in the China; Office of Chinese Mining Company | TTC

A fire broke out at the office of a mining company in the northern province of Shaanxi, China. According to reports so far, 25 people have been killed.

The incident took place in Luoyang, a city in the northern Shaanxi province of China. The building in which the fire broke out is said to be of four floors. However, the cause of the fire has not been revealed yet. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

The site of the fire is said to be the headquarters of Yongju Industry, a major mining company in China.

According to rescue agencies, around 65 people were present in the building when the fire broke out. Out of which 50 people were rescued alive and transferred to the hospital. According to the latest news, the fire has been brought under control.

In the video that went viral on social media, it can be seen how the fire suddenly broke out and engulfed the building.

This is not the first incident of fire in the mining company. Even before this, many incidents of fire have been seen in mining companies. Just on August 11, eleven people were killed in a fire. The Chinese government has also sealed several mining companies for failing to complete safety measures. But such incidents are not decreasing. While talking to the media, the eyewitnesses said that the mining companies are playing with the lives of the workers. They have no safety equipment and arrangements.

Some time ago, a similar incident was seen in Mongolia, where due to lack of complete arrangements, the mine collapsed. Because of which more than 50 miners lost their lives. According to the local media, there was a loss of 204 Million Yuan, which are 28 Million USD.

There are vast coal reserves in the northern regions of China, which are being mined and mined by numerous public and private companies. Another coal mine collapse was also reported in the northern region. It is being said that more than 48 people are missing in this incident and the search is on.


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