Facebook Monitization in Pakistan has been Turned ON | TTC

Facebook monitization in Pakistan has finally been turned ON in Pakistan by Facebook. Earlier only YouTube channel could be monetized but a few months back Facebook

monitization was also launched in Pakistan. That means, now Pakistanis will be able to earn money from Facebook as well.

What is Facebook Monitization

What is Facebook monitization? This question occurs in many minds. Facebook monitization means that you will be able to run an ads on your content posted on facebook with the help of Google Adsense and thus will be able to earn money through the Adsense.

Now comes the question, What is Google Adsense? This is actually an ad network that takes money from companies to deliver their ads to people through YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms. In the return, the content creator who publishes this advertisement, also get money.

Requirements for Facebook Monitization in Pakistan

Can every Facebook user earn money with Facebook monitization? The answer is NO. If you want to earn money by Facebook monitization in Pakistan from home, Read the following instructions;

  1. First of all, you have to create your Facebook page.
  2. After that, you have to upload the content on Facebook in the form of videos and reels. Remember that the videos must be your own. You will never be able to monetize Facebook with copy paste content.
  3. One important thing that is clearly stated by Facebook is that, your content should conform to the Community Standards. Any kind of wrong and negative content cannot earn money for you.
  4. After that, you have to complete 10,000 Followers on your page.
  5. Also you have to complete 600,000 minutes of watch time on your videos. That means, people have watched your videos for 600,000 minutes.
  6. According to Facebook, you should be active for last 60 days before the monitization.
  7. Once you meet Facebook’s criteria, then submit a request for monitization of your Facebook page with the help of Google Adsense.
  8. Facebook will then review your content and page and if it meets to their requirements, Monitization will be turned ON.

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