Decline in Antarctic Sea Ice Reserves | The World’s Refrigerator can turn into a Heater | TTC

Antarctica, which is considered to be the coldest region in the world, was an area where there was no sign of global warming few years ago. But now, the effects of global warming are also coming to Antarctica.

Currently, the research done about Antarctica with the help of satellite has revealed that the permanent ice deposits in the Antarctica are decreasing day by day. Compared to the last few years, a clear decrease in the ice deposits has been noted in this year’s photos. It should be remembered that the ice of Antarctica and its glacial deposits play a very important role in the temperature of this planet. Due to this, the temperature of the world is stopped from crossing a limit.
Experts say that if the ice surface of the Antarctic ice sheet decreases in the same way, this refrigerator of the world, which is keeping the world cold, can become a heater of the world in the future.

The ice of Antarctica, which is melting day by day, is playing an important role in raising the level of the seas in the world. Seas are rising day by day and alarm bells have been sounded for those who are in the lower areas and near the oceans of this planet.

Since 1990 to till now, due to the melting of ice in Antarctica, the sea level have increased by about 8 mm. Even a slight rise in sea level invites dozens of types of hurricanes, which is probably why the world has experienced so many hurricanes since the 1990s.
Experts said that when we started research on Antarctica 30 years ago, the conditions were completely different than today, especially during the last seven years, there have been numerous climate changes in Antarctica.

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