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Britain based airline “Virgin Atlantic Airline” has claimed that its Boeing 787 has crossed the Atlantic Ocean with the help of biofuel and the flight has landed safely in New York. The plane is said to have used 100% biofuel. Virgin Airlines Chairman Richard Branson has also confirmed this news by his social media account.

What is biofuel?

First of all, it is important to know what biofuel actually is;

Biofuel is a renewable and reusable substance derived from living organisms and their residues. As soon as we hear its name, the thought of fossil fuels comes to our mind, but biofuel is produced very quickly compared to fossils, whereas fossil fuels take hundreds of years to produce.

Biofuel is also called Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) which is derived from living organisms, especially plant’s sugars and their residues.

Generally, all the machinery used in transportation today runs on petrol and diesel which are actually fossil fuels. But according to Virgin Airlines, its Boeing 787 has flown using biofuel and landed safely in New York while crossing the Atlantic Ocean. This has also been confirmed by the chairman of this airline. He has shared his selfie on social media in which he can be seen smiling. He has also mentioned the success of his airline in this post.

The Future of Biofuels

According to experts, it is impossible to live on biofuel and make it a substitute for fossil fuels i.e. petrol or diesel. Experts say that making biofuel requires biomass, which is mostly derived from plants and their residues. A huge amount of biofuel is needed to meet human needs, while biomass is insufficient to produce this much biofuel.

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One estimate, made in August 2023, is that if all aviation industry was switched from fossil fuels to biofuels, we would need as much land as California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Louisiana combined to meet demand. Sugarcane should be grown on it to obtain biofuel. Which is an impossible thing in practical terms.

If the Airplanes are Powered only by Biofuels

According to the International Air Transport Association, if the entire aircraft industry were to run on SAF-based biofuel, we would need 450 billion liters of SAF by 2050, while the total production of SAF in 2022 is only 300 million liters.

US President Biden has said that we are trying to produce 7.9 billion liters of SAF by 2030 –Reuters.

The Production of SAF is very Difficult

Some time ago a study was conducted in the UK that looked at how much SAF would be needed to meet demand if the entire world were to shift to biofuels. Indeed, SAF is less harmful to the environment than fossil fuels. But according to experts, even if we grow plants and crops etc. in the entire state of Texas and get SAF, still the demand cannot be met.

According to Ireland’s report, if biofuels were obtained from all of Ireland’s waste, it would not even make up 4 percent of the fossil fuels used in the world.

Conclusions Drawn

As the pollution is increasing on this planet, if it continues to increase, very soon this world will be destroyed. Keeping this in mind, experts are now looking for ways to minimize pollution. By far the most dangerous pollution is air pollution. The biggest role in this pollution is the transport industry, Be it land or air.

According to a report, by the year 2050, more than 16 million annual flights will fly, which is a downright disaster. As all transport runs on fossil fuels i.e. petrol and diesel etc. which creates carbon dioxide. The amount of carbon dioxide is increasing day by day and leads to an increase in the greenhouse effect. For this reason, the temperature of the earth is also increasing rapidly, which is a dangerous thing. Therefore, experts say that if we want our peace, first of all we have to reduce air pollution. And to reduce this pollution, the use of fossil fuels will have to be reduced. Of course, there can be no substitute for these fossil fuels, but we can reduce its consumption.

That’s why for the last few years, the vehicles running on petrol and diesel are being replaced by electric ones. At the same time, there is a need to revolutionize aviation. That is why experiments are now being conducted to use biofuels in the aviation industry.

According to a representative of Virgin Airlines, the airline aims to switch 10% of its aircraft from fossil fuels to biofuels by 2030 in order to reduce pollution.

According to experts and analysts, as electric vehicles and SAF are gaining traction in aviation, air pollution will decrease in the next few years due to reduced consumption of fossil fuels.

– Source: BBC

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