Apple’s IPhone 15 will use a C-Port for Charging for the First Time | TTC

It has been announced by Apple that the iPhone 15 will use a C-Type cable for charging this time. Apple has also said that the change in the charging port has been done for ease of users so that users don’t have the problem of finding Apple’s separate cable. Therefore, Apple users will now be able to charge through Type-C USB.

The reason for Apple to make this change in its iPhone 15 was also an announcement by the European Union about the USB C-type. So that users don’t have to carry separate cables for charging all the devices. Keeping in mind the European Union, iPhone has also launched C port in iPhone 15.

There are many benefits of C-Type cable. That is why, it is used in the iPhone 15. First, it is easy to find USB and readily available everywhere, and it is also much cheaper than traditional iPhone chargers. Apart from this, users will be able to easily connect their iPhone with other devices with the help of this port.

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