The Bus Driver became a Rickshaw Driver due to his Obesity | TTC

Faisal, a resident of Gujarat (Punjab-PK), who had been working as a bus driver for the past 20 years, was forced to drive a rickshaw due to his obesity.
Faisal said that I have been a bus driver for the last 25 years and was running my household and raising my children through this sector. But about a year ago, my belly started growing and my weight increased so much that I was unable to drive. The bus is in danger of an accident because my belly has grown so much that it gets stuck with the steering wheel and it is very difficult to turn.
While talking, he said that I have been treated by many doctors and hakims but there was no difference. I tried exercising, dieting, and starving, but my belly didn’t make any difference. According to doctors, my stomach can be reduced only by surgery.
According to Faisal, when he was fired by bus owners because of his obesity, he took rickshaws from his savings and started driving rickshaws.
Faisal said that earlier, when I was a bus driver, I used to get good income and I was living in the best way, but since I am unemployed and I started driving a rickshaw, my financial situation has become very weak. Earning daily routine has also become difficult. Faisal says that seeing my obesity, riders do not go to my rickshaw.
As the doctors have advised Faisal for surgery, Faisal said that I do not have enough resources or money to do my operation, so I am going through a lot of difficulties. Sometimes it takes income on a rickshaw and sometimes one has to go home empty-handed.
Faisal is very worried about his obesity and financial situation and he is looking to the benefactors and rich people around him to help him and he can do his operation.

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