Beggars who Go Abroad to Beg from Pakistan | TTC

Recently, when a group of two women and two men left for Saudi Arabia to beg, they were arrested at the Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore.

These four were close relatives and were going to beg in Saudi Arabia with dreams in their eyes. Their visas reflected Umrah pilgrims, but the purpose of their visit was only to beg. A woman in this group, whose name is said to be Munir Bibi, said that she had gone abroad to beg 16 times before, including Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq. She goes out of the country on the pretext of performing Umrah and begs there. The FIA ​​officials who were posted at immigration, after questioning arrested the gang of four persons and booked them under the “Trafficking in Persons Act 2018”. 

Not only this group, hundreds of groups from Pakistan every year go to countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq where there are Muslim pilgrimages and go there to beg.

Recently, due to the complaints received from Saudi Arabia and Iran, the FIA ​​tightened its grip and arrested such groups. So far, more than 37 people have been arrested on the grounds that they were going abroad for the purpose of begging.

Beggars who Go Abroad to Beg from Pakistan | TTC
We get Rupees in Pakistan while Riyals in Saudi Arabia, said woman.

A man named Muhammad Arif who was arrested at Sialkot International Airport, said he was going to Saudi Arabia for the third time to ask for begging. He earn their livings by doing small businesses here, but then he met a travel agent who offered to send him abroad to beg. He also said that the agent would also get a commission. I have also visit to Iran and Iraq earlier and beg money at the Holy Places. He said that by deducting the expenses per trip and deducting the agent’s commission, we save 30 to 40 thousand Pakistani rupees. This trip would have been 10 to 15 days in which he camps in those places where people have more prosperity. Sometimes he becomes dumb and sometimes he becomes hungry and beg. 

An agent who was arrested through social media, who belongs to Lahore, said that so far I have send more than 25 people to Saudi Arabia and Iran for begging and they give me monthly commission.

Beggars who Go Abroad to Beg from Pakistan | TTC
FIA Tightens Crackdown on Travel Agents who send Beggars abroad for Begging.

A similar case was reported at Multan Airport where Shakeel from Lodhran, Punjab was going to Saudi Arabia along with his two wives. FIA arrested him. He said that there was a deal with our agent for 3 lakh rupees which included visa and ticket expenses. According to Shakeel, many of his acquaintances have gone to countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq to beg.

Beggars who Go Abroad to Beg from Pakistan | TTC
Group of Beggars offloaded on Multan Airport.

NOTE: All names used in the text are fictitious.

The current Pakistani economic situation is in front of everyone. The inflation is increasing day by day and the sources of income are not equal. This is probably the reason, why the Pakistani people are forced to use such tricks.

Another woman who was similarly arrested at the airport, she said that you will arrest us, but will this solve the problem? It is proved that the people of Pakistan are going through the hardships.


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